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Donate to charity, for free, by spending with Percent partner retailers.

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How it works

Choose your charity

Choose the charity that means most to you. Money will be donated to them. You can change whenever you like.

Link to prove

Link any of your credit or debit cards to the app. This means we can prove you spent at one of our partner retailers. It never costs you a penny.

Spend as normal

Spend as normal with the card you linked at our partner retailers.

Free donation

As a thank you for spending with them, our Percent Certified Retailers donate a percentage of the amount you spent to the charity you chose.

Because giving deserves better


Choose any charity

Support the charity you'd like to have money donated to, and change whenever you like.

Never costs you

As a thank you for choosing to spend with them, the retailer makes the donation to your chosen charity, it doesn't cost you a penny extra.

Zero hassle

Once you've linked your card to the app you just spend using that card, totally as normal. We can then prove you've spent with the retailer and make the donation to your chosen charity.


As a society, we can all come together to fix our most challenging problems, one transaction at a time. We are all the same Percent. Let's come together.

Why retailers are joining

Drive new business

Let our community discover your business on the app. Prove incrementality through the data platform.

Unique Engagement

Align your business on a case by case basis with the charity that each of your customers care about.

The Power of Good

Join the movement to prove being profitable as a business, and benefiting society are mutually compatible.

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